Youth CrossFit Level 2

Sheepdog’s Youth CrossFit Level 2 program is offered 2 days per week from August to June for teens aged 13 to-17 years old. Your teen’s CrossFit classes are run similar to our adult classes but delivered in a shortened 45 minute class.

Your teens are at the perfect age during their physical developmental to from a fitness foundation. By teaching your growing teen proper movement patterns through a range of motions, their bodies develop habits of effective movement that can be relied on as they grow. CrossFit teaches these core principles of movement and fitness by delivering a full range of motion in all movements and teens that develop, flexibility, balance and strength at a young age will experience huge dividends as they grow into their adult years. The benefits for getting involved with CrossFit for youth include future injury prevention, balance and coordination across their growth spectrum. This can offset sport specific imbalances which may have developed with other recreational or competitive athletes, and help form the foundation for a long healthy life supported by physical fitness.

Sheepdog’s CrossFit coaches spend extra time to develop sound movement patterns for your kids. Emphasis is placed on perfecting movement and ensuring they can perform each exercise through a consistent and safe pattern before adding intensity or strength.

As with our adult program, your children are coached in a group, helping them develop teamwork, leadership and confidence outside of the regular classroom experience, where they spend most of their days. There is no separation based on age or gender and your kids are encouraged to support everyone in the group. The community formed within the CrossFit youth group is just as strong as our adult community and these youngsters are accomplishing new fitness goals on a weekly basis together.


Costs are monthly, excluding applicable taxes.

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