Youth CrossFit Level 1

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Youth CrossFit Level 1 fitness classes are offered 2 days per week for 30 minutes. Both of Sheepdog’s youth CrossFit programs run from September through June.

Your kids are taught fitness skills for moving their body and external objects in safe ways through effective patterns of movement. Developing these skills through kinesthetic learning at a young age, can help your child develop the right neurological patterns for dynamic movement that can form the foundation for balance, flexibility and strength in the future. This is beneficial for all life skills but especially as they enter their teen years and start more competitive athletic programs.

All youth fitness training starts with basic movements including squats, burpees, running, box jumps, throwing skills and basic gymnastic movements. These exercises include many CrossFit favourites like pull-ups and Olympic ring exercises. Students begin each class with warm-up activities that are fun and practical, so that they learn the importance of preparing for enhanced physical activity. Youth CrossFit workouts are often run in a team environment, with each child given specific tasks to perform. This helps teach and encourage teamwork, leadership, problem solving and the value in achieving goals by participation.

Best of all, most Sheepdog Youth CrossFit workouts are completed with the perspective of a “game” so that everyone learns to have fun during physical fitness and not view it as a chore or negative experience. Our coaches all come with a strong teaching background and understand the need to keep children’s fitness activities light and fun so that the kids retain focus, learn new skills and have a blast while participating.


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