CrossFit for Teams

Sheepdog CrossFit’s team CrossFit programming can be specifically tailored to meet the needs of any sport that your team may play. We’ve had experience with soccer, football, hockey, swimming, water polo and several others that have invested in Sheepdog’s team training. These teams have experienced huge improvements within their specific sport, as well as an increased camaraderie amongst the team’s players.

Over time, many athletes develop serious imbalances in their bodies when they are focused on training for a specific sport. Repetitive drills, that often mimic on field play, lead to these imbalances. Sheepdog’s CrossFit programming for teams will focus on developing your athletes across a broader range of fitness skills and drills, increase strength, speed and mobility. CrossFit training is meant to create a balanced athlete that is prepared for anything. Athletes can then take this improved fitness level and directly apply it to the sport they are preparing for.

Further to the improved fitness, the emphasis on strong community, support and encouragement leads to a tighter more confident group of teammates. Just like regular CrossFit classes, our coaches emphasize team drills, through specific tasks and goals. When a team begins to accomplish these physical tasks and goals together an unmatched bond is formed amongst the teammates.

A workout at Sheepdog is never finished alone and this mentality is transferred straight onto the playing field, ending with a tighter and more supportive group of athletes.


Increase team dynamics
Build athlete confidence
Correct physical imbalances
Improve Power, Strength and Agility
Maximize physical abilities

Stay Competitive
Train Together!