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CrossFit workouts at Sheepdog in Port Coquitlam are ever-changing, and while the combined exercises may involve movements that are familiar, how they are executed is rarely habitual. The constant and varied fitness method that forms the foundation for CrossFit, and the technical aspect of these exercises is guided by our coaching staff. CrossFit is anything but ‘typical’ and while the CrossFit concept is similar across all CrossFit gyms, the Sheepdog staff is really what differentiates our gym from the others.

The Coaching staff at Sheepdog all hold a minimum Level 1 Crossfit certification. They all have years of CrossFit experience, and all have a dedication to athlete safety, fitness and a passion that makes Sheepdog CrossFit different than when compared to other fitness gyms and methodologies.

Sheepdog’s coaches develop their athletes and create interesting as well as engaging and effective programming for their entire community. We are dedicated to delivering the best CrossFit experience and want you to give us feedback as you progress through your fitness journey,

Please take a moment to get to know each of Sheepdog’s coaching staff. If you haven’t met them or talked to them yet please make a point of connecting the next time you see them. We love talking with our clients and getting to know each one of them.

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Leah Wallace - Sheepdog CrossFit - Coach

Leah Wallace

Kari Werner - Sheepdog CrossFit - Coach

Kari Werner

Steffi Dipp - Sheepdog CrossFit - Coach

Steffi Dipp

Lindsey Cauley - Sheepdog CrossFit - Coach
Lindsey Cauley
Paul Tylla Jr. - Sheepdog CrossFit - Owner / Coach

Paul Tylla Jr.

Owner / Coach
Cesar Polanco - Sheepdog CrossFit - Coach
Cesar Polanco
Paul Tylla - Sheepdog CrossFit - Owner
Paul Tylla
Matt Toth - Sheepdog CrossFit - Coach
Matt Toth
Dave Veenstra - Sheepdog CrossFit - Massage
Dave Veenstra
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