Sebastian Lavoie

Seb is co- owner/coach at Sheepdog Crossfit.

Sebastien, a lifelong defensive tactics trainer and “gym rat” for 14 years, started CrossFit as a matter of operational survival in 2004. After starting he has never looked back.

Sebastien has said that adhering to the CrossFit main website was a great help but, had he been coached properly, his athletic development would have been exponentially faster. This realization made him want to be, and have, great coaches for his athletes. He strongly believes in continuous learning and strive to constantly develop himself and his entire “hand picked” coaching staff.

In June of 2011, Sebastien joined forces with Rob Farrer and Sheepdog CrossFit was born. The concept behind Sheepdog CrossFit is what makes it special, Sebastien and the other coaching staff are responsible to maintain the integrity of the concept.

As a former Canadian Forces soldier, Sebastien is a excellent resource for anyone looking to get fit for duty*.

Anyone wishing to join Sheepdog CrossFit, need not be intimidated. Seb’s inter-personal skills and devotion to his athletes makes him a good coach for anyone — beginner to advanced. In fact, the new breed of Sheepdog athletes come from all walks of life, sharing a common goal, to reach elite fitness in a positive environment, with ample support.

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