Scott Bertrand

I’ve been a crossfit trainer for four years. I started CrossFit at Sheepdog in its garage gym days, the goal was to enhance my overall fitness and improve conditioning for submission grappling. I immediately fell in love with the diverse workouts and the team atmosphere. Having trainers who pushed me and “walked the walk” inspired me to become a coach and was an influential moment which allowed me to grow as a person.

Through coaching and competing I was able to fully immerse myself in CrossFit culture. This experience has allowed me to develop athletes and be a mentor. I gained self confidence, organizational skills and the ability to lead a diverse group of people with different fitness backgrounds and goals.

The skills I’ve gained as a CrossFit coach, and athlete, have greatly impacted my life. These skills have allowed me to embrace challenges in my life and face them head on. As a part-time coach I’m still able to surround myself with the culture and the great people who continue to have a strong impact in my life.

CrossFit Level One Trainer

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