Paul Tylla

Paul Tylla, Sheepdog’s youngest competitive athlete at 19, played competitive select level soccer for his entire youth. After some thought and consideration, Paul realized that soccer wasn’t enough for him and when his father introduced him to Sheepdog Crossfit he capitalized on the opportunity.

Four and half years later, Paul has yet to reconsider his decision. Through a strong work ethic, and intense dedication to his passion for CrossFit, Paul completed the CrossFit open just shy of the top 100 in 2016. Discipline, time, and hard work, has gotten Paul to where he is today.

From scrubbing the gym floor to becoming the head coach, PJ is an up and coming athlete with the desire to help each athlete that walks through the door. We all start somewhere and PJ’s steps to where he is on his fitness journey provide a perspective that every athlete can connect with. His passion for CrossFit and desire to help others achieve their goals provides an opportunity for him to share his knowledge and experience with new and old athletes alike.

Sheepdog Head Coach
CrossFit Level One Trainer

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