The culture of hard work, determination, and camaraderie that defines Sheepdog Crossfit did not appear out of no where but was fostered and grew out of a small group of athletes that are still part of the box today.

In 2010 after dabbling in Crossfit for several years Seb decided to convert his garage into a small box that immediately started to garner attention amongst friends and neighbours. The first athlete to join Seb was future coach and regional athlete Sharen and she was soon followed by a group of people who’s dedication to better themselves was second to none. The group would meet every morning at 445AM for workouts that were not for the faint of heart. These early AM gruelling sessions proved to be the foundation of what has grown to become Sheepdog today; that is a group of people who strive to better themselves, are dedicated, hold each other accountable and most importantly will not let anyone finish a workout alone.


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Shortly after the word of mouth got to Rob Farrer a long time Crossfit athlete who joined the group and his experience along with knowledge of Crossfit training became an immediate asset to the group. The 4:45am session grew to the point that a 4:30pm session was added. Even this was not enough as the community continued to grow beyond what the garage could handle.

At the same time after returning from active duty in the military Chris had opened an affiliate out of his own garage with a strong group of athletes. The groups eventually met and the bond amongst everyone was clear.

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In 2011 Seb and Rob created the official Sheepdog Fitness which opened the doors to its first location. Chris closed his own affiliate and brought his athletes to Sheepdog and the foundation grew. The same dedication, hard work and community bond that began in the garage grew stronger and Sheepdog Crossfit was born. This was show cased in an independent documentary that was filmed entitled “Murph a tribute to humanity”. Many of the original athletes that created the foundation of Sheepdog participated in a workout that has become famous across the Crossfit community. The documentary showcased each athlete pushing themselves to the limit with the support of each other holding them up till the end.

Even though Sheepdog Crossfit has changed locations, added members and had a few move away, the foundation of Sheepdog is stronger than ever; hard work, dedication, accountability to each other and amongst all a bond that will ensure a Sheepdog athlete will never finish alone….


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