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CrossFit Kids

Sheepdog CrossFit is very happy to now offer CrossFit KIDS!!

Sheepdog CrossFit Kids Classes

What? CrossFit kids is the same broad, inclusive fitness program that we have all learned to love but with a scaled load and intensity and a whole LOT MORE FUN and tons of GAMES that we guarantee your kids will love!!! CrossFit kids is a program that delivers fitness and increased strength to kids at all levels of athleticism while fostering a life long love of working out.

When? Starting Tuesday, September 11, 2012 at 5:30 pm and every Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30 pm throughout the school year!

Who? Any child or teen ages 6-15

Who will be instructing my child? Sheepdog CrossFit’s CrossFit Kids instructor, Leah, is both a certified CrossFit instructor as well as a CrossFit Kids instructor along with being a District 43 elementary teacher.

Why? Fitness for our Future

In the society we live in today, it is hard to keep kids motivated to stay active, when competing with video games, TV shows, and electronics. We know it is important for the health and wellness of our future generations to instill a desire to stay fit and healthy, but most importantly having fun while doing so. At Sheepdog you can be assured your child will attain a higher level of fitness in a safe and fun atmosphere.

If you have a child that is new to fitness, or a trained athlete, we can accommodate all fitness and skill levels. This program will work from the ground up teaching your child the fundamentals of fitness; the building blocks to a better life. What better way to prepare your child for the future than by giving them the physical and mental abilities to enhance their lives?

The types of activities Sheepdog will be exploring are:

* Sit Ups
* Push Ups
* Hand Stands
* Hand Stand Push Ups
* Hand Stand Walks
* Air Squats
* Jumps
* Lunges
* Rings
* Pull Ups
* Skipping
* Running
* Jogging
* Bear Crawl
* Gator Crawl
* Holds
* Rolls
* Plank
* Rope Climbs
* Lifts
* Muscle Ups
* Balance Walks
* Hurdles
* Presses
* Dips
* Burpees
* And More!

Cost? $50.00 per month for unlimited classes!!

For more information or to try a class out, contact us.